Autumn In Cape Town

18K White Gold diamond and Amatrine PendantIf you blinked, you might just have missed the first quarter of the year! While it was action packed and filled to the brim with uber-exciting concerts and sporting events – it did fly by faster than a ball delivered by Dale Steyn!

You might have also just missed the sizzling summer season… It seemed to have started a lot later this time over and – argue as you may and wish as you might – it is brutally obvious that autumn is now merrily upon us.

It would be a shame to let this imminent weather catch us off-guard and unprepared so let’s take a look at some of the season’s fab fashions and see what has been brought to the trend table, shall we?

Shape shifters

You’d be forgiven for thinking arithmetic when ogling one of the autumn seasonal trends that was seen all over the catwalks. Geometric forms were on display through shapes and print on fascinating fabric, but now has a much folkier and even more colourful print than seasons past.

Autumn Fashion Ideas



This might be a tricky trend to pull off at first because of the numerous textures, vivacious prints and complex layering involved, but practice increases confidence and makes perfect.

So keep your eyes open and your closet prepared for this vivid style where as many fashion ideas as possible are squeezed into one item.

Colour crazy

The royal blue hue has coated the catwalks as a major colour trend. Awesome, as almost anyone can pull it off. So embrace this colour to the top-to-toe max.

Autumn Jewellery IdeasSlightly harder to pull off but still a major style shade this autumn is oxblood red. A stylish jacket or a skirt in this colour would be simply captivating. If blending in to the season in natural tones is more your thing, use this opportunity to add a splash to your accessories in shades of these trendy tints.

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Be like a girl-scout and get prepared Diamond Girls. Autumn is here!!!


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