Tips for choosing a wedding band


You’ve got the engagement ring and now its time to pick the wedding rings. Choosing a complimentary design and the right rings to suit your lifestyle can often be more challenging than couples think. Read our guide below on all the important factors to consider when deciding on your wedding bands.

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1. Choose a style that you can grow old with.

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There are a lot of fashion forward ideas right now but can you see yourself wearing a thick chunky titanium band when you celebrate your 40th birthday and is an embellished band practical when you are planning for a family with small babies.

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2. Timeless is not always boring

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A classic band is thus named for a reason. It will stand the test of time, suit you throughout many seasons in your life and may even be passed on to the next generation. Keep it simple!

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3. Choose a metal than be worn for many years to come

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9K yellow and white gold are more affordable than 18K and due to the extra alloys, are also stronger than 18K. The hardest precious metal is platinum and because it is naturally white, it does not require regular rhodium plating like 9K or 18K white gold. Tungsten and titanium are also very hard but very few jewellers offer custom made rings as these are mainly machine made and cannot be resized or adjusted if necessary. All metals will scratch over a period of time but don’t see it as a flaw, rather as part of the character of your ring.

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4. The Pros and Cons of a fitted wedding band

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If you prefer a wedding band that sits snugs around your engagement ring, please remember that you will not be able to wear it on its own.  If you are sporty and very active like we are, we will recommend that you wear a straight wedding band, plain or with diamonds so that the engagement ring can be put safely away whilst enjoying golf, hockey, cycling or hiking. Your wedding band can then be worn on its own and will still look beautiful.

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5. When choosing matching Wedding Bands

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When matching a pair of wedding bands, try to stay true to each person’s personal style. Here, you can maybe mirror the shape or ring profile of each ring. For example is she has a thin half round band with the engagement ring, then he can have a much broader D-shape band with a line or groove detail. Complimentary bands are often much more modern and timeless than perfectly matching rings.

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Our LGBT clients

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Our LGBT clients, in our experience, often prefer to only wear wedding bands with no separate engagement ring – although this is entirely up to the individuals. With such wedding bands, it is a beautiful idea to incorporate a few diamonds. Black and cognac diamonds are much more affordable and will definitely add some extra flair to a contemporary design.

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