4 Tips for Purchasing a Custom Engagement Ring

Engagement rings aren’t always something discussed, because well – a proposal is meant to be a surprise! But the process of seeking out an engagement ring is a tough one for guys and going the custom route is often the least stressful as you get some guidance and help from industry professionals who won’t spill the beans!

As custom jewellery designers in South Africa, we have seen it all – clients who have no idea where to start and clients who know exactly what they want. By going the custom route, you and your jeweller can create a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring that you can be sure no-one else has.

Here are our top tips for getting the sparkler you’re in the market for.

  1. Get inspired.

    We think you can do this in a number of ways.

Guys, you don’t have to go trolling Pinterest and creating your ‘Perfect Ring’ board in order to figure out just what you or your other half likes. Take notice of the kinds of jewellery your partner already wears – dainty vs. bold, gold vs. silver, colourful vs. simple – make a note of images you see on billboards or magazines, ask a close friend or sister and it will quickly become clear.

  1. Find a jeweller you trust.

Probably the most important thing we can stress. Finding a jeweller you can trust is crucial and usually the best way to do this, is by word of mouth. Craftmanship and quality can vary drastically, so it is important you find a jeweller who will give you the best quality piece for the best price. You should always make sure of the basics – is your jeweller certified certified with the Jewellery Council of South Africa, what is their experience in the industry, where can you see any past work and do they have a reputable presence online or on social media.

  1. Set your budget.

Custom engagement ring’s are NOT only for the rich and famous, but because there are (usually) diamonds involved, the process can get pretty pricey, pretty quickly. So, set your budget. Be upfront with your jeweller about what you want and what you can afford, and stick to it. A good jeweller will help you get the most bang for your buck and help you to spend your money wisely to create a beautiful piece. We always say – bigger is not always better!

  1. Pick your stone

    custom engagement ring

    Photo: Erstwhile Jewelry

This is where the fun starts. Clients at Infacet not only become involved in designing a beautiful piece of jewellery, but they are educated along the way. When designing an engagement ring, you would usually pick out a centre stone and build the rest around it. Our design team will talk you through different shapes and sizes, pros and cons of various stones until you settle on what you like. You can then build up the rest of the ring with the help of the design team.

We find that our clients who become involved throughout the entire process have a stronger appreciation for their unique ring. A custom-designed piece of jewellery always turns into an heirloom – a true treasure.

Custom engagement rings

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