Which Engagement Ring Perfectly Matches your Zodiac Sign?

The Perfect Engagement Ring for your Star Sign

Indulging in a peek at our weekly horoscopes has been a guilty pleasure since our teens. Here at Infacet, we decided to combine our love of diamonds and astrology to find out which engagement ring is right for every sign. So indulge with us and let your stars align.

Ariesengagement ring

Its no new news to hear that an Aries marches to the beat of their own drum. Strong-willed and ambitious, the Aries will love a setting that makes a statement but is also comfortable and practical to fit in to their active lifestyle. An Aries will love this white and yellow gold handcrafted ring set with a light yellow round brilliant and millwheel diamond band – the perfect mix of flash and comfort for the hard-to-please Aries.





TaurusEngagement Ring

The ring is a big deal for you Taurus, you can’t help it. You love soft colours that echo with romance and sensuality, like pastel coloured gemstones and pale yellow diamonds. You appreciate fine design or a personal touch like an engraving in the band. We love this aquamarine set in rose gold for the Taurus – a modern and romantic take on a classic engagement ring.






GeminiEngagement Ring

A Gemini can’t so easily be pinned to a classic style. Your playful nature means you might opt for an unusual, eye-catching shape or hint of old world glamour with a touch of gold. The best thing about you is that you love a surprise and are likely to pair it with something unusual. We love this Marquis cut diamond engagement ring for the Gemini – it perfectly captures your whimsical spirit and dynamic personality.





Cancerengagement ring

The ultimate ring for the Cancer is one that gets noticed but is also appreciated for its elegance. Striking colour palettes including bright whites and silvers are a wardrobe staple in the life of a Cancer and this elegant emerald cut diamond flanked by pave style band set with round brilliants is the perfect choice to complement the Cancer aesthetic.





LeoEngagement Ring

A Leo is loud and bright and the life of the party, and your engagement ring should be the same. Choose one of your favourite colours like warm yellows, golds and glowing reds that will draw the eye to the new bling on your ring-finger.  We love this rose gold solitaire set with a round brilliant diamond – it perfectly captures the bright and warm essence of the faithful Leo.





VirgoEngagement Ring

You are known for your kind nature and thoughtful approach, and for the Virgo the devil is all in the details. You appreciate simplicity and delicate workmanship and can admire the perfect curve of a gold band and every shimmering facet of your new diamond. We think this gorgeous 18k white and yellow gold ring set with a round brilliant in a 4 claw setting would be the perfect blend of angelic sophistication and practicality that a Virgo would love.





Libra engagement ring

A Libra is characterised by balance and beauty – two things integral to the choosing of engagement ring. We love this perfectly symmetrical diamond engagement ring for the Libra – the clean lines, wonderful balance and simplicity of the ring all lend themselves to the aesthetic of the discerning Libra.





ScorpioMr. Big Proposes Engagement Ring

The Scorpio is an intense person all round and tends to favour dark colours like black and red. A light, traditional diamond probably won’t do the trick – we suggest taking a look at dark rubies and black diamonds to keep an engagement ring fresh and edgy for the brooding Scorpio.







The Sagittarius is an open, optimistic character keen for new experiences and a bit of fun. A Sagittarius loves an unusual colour or shade, like pink or purple. The Sagittarius will fall head over heels in love with her ring, despite its simple size and design – they are not fussy. We love this tanzanite ring channel set with round brilliant cut diamonds http://infacet.co.za/product/tammy-ring/





Capricorn Engagement Ring

A Capricorn appreciates fine design and good craftmanship when it comes engagement rings. There’s no doubt they will go for a classic choice in a diamond stunner. Once they have it on their finger you can be assured it will always be perfectly polished and looked after. For the Capricorn, we love this platinum embellished solitaire set with a round brilliant in a 4-claw setting.





AquariusTourmaline set in 14k white gold

Turquoise is the Aquarius’ colour and they won’t care one bit if their engagement ring is exactly what everyone thought it would be. The ring will perfectly reflect their independent spirit and big personality. We love this tourmaline set in 18k gold – the perfect choice for the insightful Aquarius.






PiscesModern, Coloured Diamond

The Pisces needs the kind of engagement that you can get lost in. Since your power colour is sea green and your sign is the symbol of the fish, anything that reminds you of the colour of the ocean is perfect for you. This modern coloured diamond is an ideal choice for the deep Pisces.

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