Pink Perspective

751e372fe284ff603c2f0d83d56b5cea74583ba6 When the news broke this week of this beautiful Fancy Pink 59.6 carat diamond been auctioned in Geneva for a record US 83 million dollars, my mind went into a total spin.

What on earth must this crazy person (the buyer) be thinking to spend that kind of money on a piece of crystallised carbon, because that is what it is-a piece of crystallised cabon formed deep down in the bowels of the earth and through incredible heat and pressure these miracles of nature are formed.

A few days since the announcement has passed and I have had time to gather my thoughts and to ponder on this rare and beautiful gift bestowed upon us from Mother Nature. Diamonds are incredibly rare,each one in it’s own beauty and complete uniqueness, no two are a like – I like to compare them to snowflakes, each with it’s own special DNA genetic code.

This is truly a gift from this wonderful place we call earth and this stone it was noted has taken two years to polish all its facets to give it maximum brillance and light. Large diamonds such as this one, I am sure of, would be hand polished facet by facet for the reliance of expert eyes necessary to get the very best out of the diamond in it’s rough form.

This is one indutry whereby in some instances computers might be used to polish certain sized diamonds yet human expertise is necessary to see what lies within these absolutely magical marvels of nature.

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