black diamond wedding bands

Blaise Black Diamond Wedding Ring

9K Yellow Gold 6mm D-shape Custom Made Wedding Band set with 15 Black Diamonds with an Estimated Total Weight of 0.35cts.


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Diamond Wedding Bands

After your wedding, the flowers, the food, the dress and all the expensive decorations will be long forgotten but the only lasting memories will be the photos and your wedding rings. Brigitte and Janine take extra pride when we handcraft your diamond wedding bands because somehow we play a small part in your life’s journey.

Diamond wedding bands might be the first choice for the ladies but not all the gents feel the same about the bling. This is why black diamonds offer a unique glamour with a unisex appeal, ideal for our gay and lesbian clients as well as the fashion-forward man.

Don’t let your wedding bands be a last-minute after thought ( or when the budget for the wedding has reached its limit) , after all –  you will be wearing your rings every day and for many years to come.

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