Custom Made Contemporary Ring

Anna Contemporary Diamond Ring

18K Yellow and White Gold Contemporary Split Band Ring, Bezel-Set with a Round Brilliant Cut Diamond.

The double bezel-setting is the ideal choice to enhance the visual size of the diamond, it gives the illusion of a much bigger diamond. This modern ring is the perfect design for a lady who has long fingers, someone who is active or who prefers a diamond that doesn’t protrude too high above the setting.

The price will be determined by the size and grade of the diamond, ideally 0.40 – 1.1cts – starting from R24980 incl. VAT. The ring can also be customized in platinum or rose gold.

Contemporary Split Band Ring

Contemporary Split Band Ring set with Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Don’t hesitate to contact Brigitte  for your personalized custom ring.


Nature’s Unique Gift

Diamonds are beautiful, mysterious and rare. Their qualities are as fresh and precious today as the moment they were formed billions of years ago. They have survived an incredible journey to reach us, transcending the forces of nature, and of time itself.

From the earliest civilisations diamonds have been prized possessions. Their rarity, and the immense skill required to release their extraordinary brilliance, makes them unlike any other jewel. Worn by people as potent symbols – of love, devotion, pride, wealth and power – they convey a lexicon of meaning.

Nothing says it better than a diamond  – nature’s unique gift.

For your custom unique gift – classic, timeless or contemporary  – contact the Brigitte on 0840168872 for friendly advise and assistance.


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