Eternity Diamond Ring

Eloise Diamond Eternity Ring


The price of each pavé style half eternity ring is determined by the following:

  • your choice of metal : 9K or 18K yellow, white or rose gold OR platinum
  • the size of the diamonds: 17 = 0.17cts / 15 = 0.30cts / 13 = 0.39cts / 11 = 0.55cts
  • your choice of diamonds: black diamonds, cognac diamonds or white round brilliant cuts
  • optional – millgrain vintage embellishment

Delivery time is 10-12 working days. We offer door-to-door delivery to all major destinations in South Africa.

For a free quotation or friendly assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Brigitte on 0840168872


Eternity Rings are Forever

A Forever ring, or also known as an eternity ring, is given as a symbol of lasting affection, typically set with an unbroken circle of gems. Eternity rings are typically diamonds that wraps around the entire finger  (a full eternity ring) but since our hands tend to change and these rings can not be adjusted in size, it is more practical to get a ring with diamonds wrapping half way (a half eternity) , the top half of the finger.

Eternity rings are usually given to commemorate a special milestone in a relationship: a special wedding anniversary, the birth of a new baby. or in modern tradition a wedding band to compliment an engagement ring.

At Infacet Jewellers we handcraft each ring according our client’s style requirements therefore the rings the eternity rings are customized in yellow, rose or white gold or alternatively platinum. The rings can be ordered with the additional vintage embellisment, also known as a millgain finish, on the edge of pavé diamond settings.

Contact Brigitte and tell her what your personalized ring should look like.




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