Biggest Diamond Discovered in 100 Years

Lucara Diamond Corporation announced this week, the largest diamond in 100 years has been discovered in Botswana. The diamond is second in size only to the famous Cullinan Diamond discovered in South Africa and now in the British Crown Jewels.

The gem quality diamond was found at Karowe Mine on Wednesday and reportedly weighs 1,111 carats. The diamond is a type IIa,  incredibly rare and almost entirely without impurities. This type of diamond makes up just 1.8% of gem diamonds discovered in the world.

The company hasn’t decided when or how to sell the stone and it is difficult to value as the stone is too big for Lucara’s own scanner. The diamond will probably go to Belgium to be assessed.

The discovery has transformed the company’s fortunes and added $150 million value to Lucara.

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