Stunning Alternatives To Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds and engagement rings have gone together like peas and carrots for the last few hundred years. But these days, modern brides and grooms-to-be are thinking outside the box and choosing non-diamond options.

Some brides or grooms-to-be choose other gemstones for moral reasons, financial reasons and simply on preference of something slightly different. We have an exquisite selection of custom-made engagement rings with stunning alternatives to diamonds.


This eternity ring can be made in gold or platinum, and features a millgrain finish and set with black round cut diamonds.  This ring can also be crafted as a half eternity option and without the millgrain edging. Find out more

Anina Wedding Band


Nicknamed our ‘Tammy Ring’, this white gold custom designed tension style ring is set with a gorgeous Tanzanite. It is also available with garnet, amethyst or topaz



Our Sunshine Ring is a white gold custom designed ring set with a marquis cut golden citrine and round brilliants. This is also available with a garnet, amethyst or topaz



This rose gold handcrafted ring below has a split band set with a pink trillion tourmaline. It is also available in yellow and white gold



Our Tanette Ring is a yellow and white gold trilogy style ring set with a green tourmaline. This ring is also available in white and rose gold.





This modern ring is an aquamarine set in rose gold. We love the look of the romantic rose gold, but you can also choose to have it made in white or yellow gold.



Infacet Jewellers also manufactures custom designed wedding bands for your big day, check them out here

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