Cape Town Cycle Tour Inspired Motion Collection

Cape Town Cycle Tour Inspired Motion Collection


Our Inspiration


Cycling has long been a passion for the Diamond Girls, Janine and Brigitte at Infacet Jewellers, both who have participated in the Wine2Whales, Ironman and Cape Argus Cycle Tour. In honour of our love for all things CYCLING, this year we have introduced the latest addition to our ever popular Motion Collection inspired by the cogs or gears of a bicycle – our new Sterling Silver drop style Motion Collection Earrings set with Black Diamonds. Our Infacet clients, friends and family members have particularly loved this collection in the past and we hope you can inspire your loved ones, reward them or just spoil yourself with Infacet’s custom-designed Motion Collection- exquisite sterling silver pendants, cuff links set and now the drop style earrings. See the collection below.


The Collection



SPECIAL OFFER in February & March


The latest addition to the Motion Collection, exclusive to Infacet Jewellers, are the Sterling Silver Drop Style Motion Collection Earrings set with Black Diamonds. The earrings are on sale in February and March 2016 for just R630.00 and make the perfect gift for someone competing in a race or as a memento of all the hard work you have put in training for an event.


Contact us at or to order your pair, or go to our website for more information on the Motion Collection.

Cape Town Cycle Tour Motion Collection

Cycle Tour inspired Motion Collection Earrings

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