Statement Jewellery Inspiration: Sex and the City

Statement Jewellery Inspiration: Sex and the City

Fictional fashion icon, Carrie Bradshaw inspired a generation of budding fashionistas with her quirky style, vintage touches and statement jewellery. We put together some of the most memorable looks from the long running series.


The “Carrie” Necklace

Statement Jewellery

Carrie Nameplate Necklace

Throughout the series, Carrie’s nameplate necklace, bought for a few dollars at a flea market comes to be much more than just costume jewellery. Patricia Field, legendary costume designer of Sex and the City revealed that the piece cam from her store in New York. Carrie loses her necklace and eventually comes to be reunited with it in the last episode of the series, spurning girls around the globe to go in search of their own monogrammed jewellery.

Samantha’s Statement Ring from the Christie’s Auction

Christie's Auction statement jewellery

Sex and the City: The Movie

Christie's Auction statement jewellery

Ellen Barkin’s JAR designed Gardenia Ring

Sex and the City is always good for some fashion inspiration and a good laugh with your girlfriends. Central to the plot of the first film was the statement cocktail ring that Samantha bids on at a Christie’s auction. Flustered, she is eventually outbid by her boyfriend who buys it for her via phone. The ring is reportedly modelled after Ellen Barkin’s JAR-designed Gardenia Ring which sold at auction for $486,000 in 2006.

Aidan’s Engagement Ring

Statement Jewellery

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether she wears it on a chain round her neck to keep it “closer to [her] heart” or because she knew Aidan wasn’t the one, the distinctive bridal jewellery associated with Carrie Bradshaw comes to distinguish the character’s identity. We particularly love the unusual oval shaped diamond on the gold band.

The Black Diamond Engagement Ring

statement jewellery

Mr. Big proposing to Carrie

Mr. Big Proposes

Itay Malkin Black Diamond Ring

In Sex and the City 2, Mr. Big gifts Carrie with a 5 carat black diamond ring “because she’s not like anyone else”. Jewellery designer Itay Malkin worked in collaboration with Sarah Jessica Parker, sparking a trend for non-traditional engagement rings like only Carrie Bradshaw could.

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