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How Millennials are killing the Diamond Industry

diamond industry
Millennials don’t want Diamonds Since the 1940s, the diamond industry has hitched its wagon pretty solidly to the wedding industry. Since De Beers’ famous “A Diamond is Forever” campaign, diamond engagement rings became the choice of brides to symbolise the life-long commitment that marriage is meant to be. As the generation of millennials has reached the age when previous ones have started to settle down and marry, they showing that they are making vastly .

The Glittering Golden Globes 2017

Golden Globes
While there were many memorable dresses on the Golden Globes 2017 red carpet, we can’t forget the glittering accessories donned by the silver screen’s biggest stars. Hollywood didn’t hold back on the bling in 2017 with stacked of rings, over-sized bracelets and vintage pieces completing the looks on the red carpet. Take a look at some of our favorite looks from the 2017 Golden Globes below.

The Biggest Engagement Ring Trends of 2016

Engagement ring trends
Besides the end of year Christmas parties, work functions and New Years Eve plans, the festive season ‘rings’ in another special time of year. Think romantic gestures and sparkly diamonds… yes, it’s engagement ring season! And although December is usually a slow month for weddings, it is by far the most popular time for engagements. The holiday season brings with it happy memories, lots of family time and beautiful summer days in Cape Town .

The Pink Panther Diamond Thieves

Pink Panther diamond heist
Named after The Pink Panther series of crime comedy films, ‘Pink Panthers ‘is the name given by Interpol to an international network of jewellery thieves who are rumoured to have been involved in the theft of over $10 million worth of jewellery from Kim Kardashian on 3rd October. The Pink Panthers are reportedly a group of Serbs from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia who are responsible for some of the most audacious thefts in .

5 Places NOT to wear your Engagement Ring

your engagement ring
After the countdown to your nuptials begin, you will eventually hit the stage when you need to start searching for the perfect wedding bands. Your first stop? Infacet Jewellers in Cape Town – we’ve been in the diamond business for over 15 years. We’ve also developed some pretty good know-how on ring care over the years – scroll down for our top tips on keeping your engagement ring in tip-top condition and where NOT .

An Exclusive First Look at Karl Lagerfeld’s New Engagement Ring Designs

Engagement ring
Karl Lagerfeld’s range of designs over the span of his career have included light up shoes for Chanel and chic designs for Coca-cola. His latest project however, brought him to a realm of design he’s not too familiar with – engagement rings. “I had never done a ring for that occasion,” Lagerfeld admitted. “It was kind of a challenge.” Lagerfeld’s new collection in collaboration with jeweller Frederick Goldman debuts at the end of the .