What Different Diamond Sizes Actually Look Like

Whether you’re in the market for a modest diamond or a whopper of an engagement ring to dwarf Mariah Carey’s bling, it’s always a good idea to be able to visualize what different sized engagement rings may look like on your hand.

The folks at Erstwhile Jewelry gave us the ultimate guide to a round cut old European carat size from .5 carats up to just about 2.5 carats – because these are the most frequently requested diamond sizes.

Photo: Erstwhile Jewelry

Photo: Erstwhile Jewelry

The setting of a diamond can drastically alter how big a diamond looks and these classic prong settings give a more realistic reference.

Women with smaller hands often feel that they can’t wear larger carat sizes and tend to gravitate towards smaller rocks. Once you actually try a bigger size on, most women see that they can wear a 1.5 to 2.5 carat sized diamond and not look too bulky.

If your ring finger is slightly bigger and you want to make your diamond look larger you can always add a halo of tiny diamonds or clusters on either side to create the illusion of a bigger stone.

Whichever way you go it’s always good to try before you buy.

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