Our Madiba-we salute you!

It’s been a difficult madiba 1week for the Infacet Girls to put their heads down and write a blog on beautiful season trends in fashion and of course fabulous jewels when in essence it all just seemed inappropriate during this week of mourning in our beautiful land, South Africa.

Mourning for our most precious of gems and our most valued statesman, Neslon Mandela, Madiba,Tata- we salute you and wish you journey blessings as you make your way to a peaceful eternity.

The sadness that has enveloped our nation has also brought an enormus sense of togetherness to a people of mixed race, colour and creed so in this most amazing man’s honour we forego the frivilous chatter about the material riches that seems to blur our vision in many of our lives and we take this time to reflect on the importance of good values,strong principles, reaching out to those less fortunate, loving our families and trying to make a better place for all of us South Africans to live together in harmony in this beautiful land that has been bestowed to us after all it truly is a precious gem.

If we can do this,we can all follow in those footsteps of Madiba’s to Freedom.



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