Has the Christmas Tsunami hit you?

Xmas girlsAs we South Africans end our ten days of mourning for the “father of our nation” Madiba,I think I can safely say that some of us must of hit the floor with an incredible hard bump and realisation that yes the world did stop for us as we wept and sent Mandela on his journey to eternity but like a light switch, it continued at a frantic pace.

So where to now? Has the chaos of Christmas approached like a giant Tsunami with all the trimings, the fuss, the maniac spending with thousands of people rushing through busy shopping malls spending their hard-earned money whilst the “Fat Cats”sit back with a Cheshire like smile watching the mayhem whilst counting their pennies.

Sure Christmas is certainly a time of giving but it is also a time for all of us to spend meaningful time with those we love.

So in the true spirit of Christmas,the Infacet Girls would like to thank all you fabulous customers, friends and families for your loyal support over this past year. We wish and pray for a peaceful season for you all plus all nations during this time.




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