February-Is love really still in the air ?

Monkey and kitty Yes it’s that time of the year again…love is in the air..really?

I’m not sure if any of you are looking or following our current South African politicians at play? If you are you might feel that love has definately flown out the window after watching the short marriage between our premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille and the leader of the Agang party, Mamphele Ramphele.

Valentine’s Day has become such a cliche´ for many and the thought of being proposed to on this day is enough to turn any one’s stomach one would think. Yet this day is a day we get to celebrate our love for our spouses, our children and for some our friends.

Lets use this time to put our differences aside to celebrate our love for one another in some small way and yes there will be plenty of beautiful diamond rings, jewels,flowers and lingerie being shared during this time and hey why not but for those of you who are not into the “Valentine Thing” why not reach out, hug somebody and make them feel worthy.

One small hug speaks a million words!

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