What jewellery will be trending at the 2014 Golden Globes?

Kate Winslet Golden Globes 2014  Another Christmas season behind us, New Year celebrations over and so we start our 2014 year with great enthusiasm.All the New Year resolutions possibly out the window already, six days into the year except for those up for a Golden Globe at the 71st awards happening on Sunday the 12th January.

The nominee line up is real reason for those of us living half way across the globe to sit up past midnight and take notice.For the ladies the likes of Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Dame Judi Dench, Emma Thompson and of course Kate Winslet are just a few of the outstanding actors up for an award.

But I guess if we have to be honest with ourselves, most of us and in fact if not all of us, are more intrigued by what the fashion trends are going to be at this annual showcase. We are fixated possibly by the stars and the way they turn out (I know for sure they’haven’t been gorging themselves on Turkey, or maybe they should it’s low in fat!)

I think we can safely say that this week leading up to this event, will be one of madness especially for the fairer sex involved.Stars will be increasing their fitness regime,having their faces preened and bodies spray-tanned whilst fashion houses will be running around altering their lavish frocks to suit the newly trimmed bodies and of course where my interest lies is…. the jewellery.

What have we instore for us when it comes to the jewellery? Which big brands will be flaunting their jewels on these delicious people?Will the pieces be bold and beautiful with coloured gemstones from rubies to ameythsts or stackable bracelets; these seem to be trending this season or will the jewellery trend be understated this year?

Understated,I don’t think so, not in your wildest imagination would their ever be a show as this one where diamonds will not be in full throttle. Watching the engagement trends of the stars this past 2013 year, it has led me to believe that it would be in bad taste not to have beautiful and bold diamonds adorned by these beautiful people.

So we have a week to follow the lead up to the start of the Red Carpet season and after this event I might be able to give you a little more insight into the jewellery trends for 2014!


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